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Investors left in the lurch as diamond firm Asia Fine Diamonds folds up

Owner of firm, which promises 30% returns, goes missing; staff not paid for two months

Along with other customers of Asia Fine Diamonds (AFD), Mr Stephen Yeo learnt the hard way that diamonds are not his best friend after his investment in rare coloured diamonds went awry.

Last December, Mr Yeo, 55, who works in the medical sector, invested $17,785.12 in a 0.21-carat round cut diamond – described as “fancy intense purplish pink” – from AFD. He never laid hands on it. read more


Investors left in the lurch by Asia Fine Diamonds in Singapore

Original Article published in The Straits Times in Singapore on April 4th 2016 view here

Customers were told to expect delivery of their diamonds one month after putting in their money. But they were advised that to avoid paying GST for their diamonds, AFD would store them in a Changi Airport facility, where they can view their purchases read more


Investors cry foul over tree investments gone wrong

Firm that sold them aquilaria tree scheme has folded

Lorna Tan Invest Editor/Senior Correspondent  About 70 investors, including Singaporeans and foreigners working here, are crying foul over a scheme that effectively promised that their money could grow on trees.

In 2013, the investors poured sums ranging from $5,000 to $60,000 into a scheme to grow aquilaria trees – a prized tree that is harvested for valuable agarwood or oud oil, used in perfumes and spas. read more