Beware! Goodwill Ettikan Pte Ltd in Orchard is a scam!

This information was sent to us by a client, They wish to help others that have been scammed by this company.Goodwill Ettikan Pte Ltd in Far East Shopping Centre is a fraud company!! I had been cheated and until now there are many people, (mostly old ones) that are being fooled by them as they operate!

Here’s my story.

I had been contacted one year ago of someone who introduce himself as Desmond from RDO (Resort Development Organisation) (he sounded Indian) and told me that my membership from ATC (Asian Travel Club) is expiring and I need to get my claim asap. he caught my attention as he said that I have $30,000 to recover from a valuation office. He then asked me if I know a valuation office in Singapore to go to. As I have no idea what that means. I said I do not know any and so he asked me to go to a valuation office in Orchard. He ask for my availability and make the appointment for me. Desmond told me to bring along my IC and membership documents as the valuation office will look through it. So I said yes. He lastly said that a confirmation of my appointment will be sent SMS by the valuation center themselves.

At around 7pm of the same day, I received a message containing the confirmation of my appointment. It doesn’t state there the name of their company. Then after 10 mins they called me. It was a girl saying that she is the admin from a valuation center at orchard and asking my attendance on the day of my appointment. I said yes. My mistake was I forgot to ask their company name so I can search for them first in google before I go to my appointment.

The day of my appointment came and so I went. A chinese girl assisted me and asked me to sit down as my adviser (the person I will be meeting is coming from the lawyer’s office and he is on his way already. 5 mins passed an Indian man entered the office. The admin lead me then to the room where the man is sitting. He shook my hand and introduce himself as Sasi. Mr Sasi (a 40-50’s man) then asked me to sit down. He asked me where companies I have been to and how much I paid to them. He has a paper where he is taking notes of the things I am saying. After that he asked for my documents and so I did gave it to him. He was looking through it and saying things that I had been cheated. After checking all my documents, Sasi said he will photocopy the documents together with my IC, which I allowed. After a few minutes, he came back, returned my documents to me and then he tackle about the registration payment.

He told me that it is important to register as they need to process my documents so that UK Escrow can help me get my cash back. I asked what Escrow is and he said it’s a legit company in UK where they can help people get their money from the membership they are not utilizing at all. Sasi even showed me a copy of Escrow letter that UK is giving out to their clients to prove that what he says is true. He then quoted $1,200 registration fee for me which he said refundable after 60 days if I did not receive any letter from UK Escrow. He assured me that a letter will be sent directly to my mail box. That Escrow letter will have the information of how much I can get from the membership companies that I had been to. He also mentioned that once I received it, I need to tell him. I trusted Sasi so I paid their company in cash. A receipt was handed over to me after.

After one and a half month, I received a letter from England. The paper is color yellow, it looks legit to me at first. I read the letter from Escrow. Their full company name is Legal Escrow and Arbitration Services Ltd with office address at 29B-1A Mailverton Crescent, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 England.

As I was reading the letter, there were things that I did not fully understand but basically, they are telling me that I need to submit documents to UK in able for me to be given my cash back. After reading, I called Mr Sasi to say that I received the letter. He then asked me to come to Goodwill Ettikan’s office again so he could explain the things more further about the letter.

So I went to their office once more. Mr Sasi was waiting for me in his room already when I reached. So we talked. I showed him the letter I received and Sasi says he needs to photocopy it again. After a while he came back.

We were reading the letter when a Chinese woman (5’4 of height, looks young like maybe 20-25 years old) came inside the room. Mr Sasi stood up and introduced me to her as a Senior Adviser. Her name is Ava. She then took Mr Sasi’s place and explain the letter to me. Mr Sasi stayed in the room while Ava talks to me. She also mentioned that Escrow will call directly to my phone any moment. After like five minutes, my phone rang but it was an unknown number. When I was about to answer, it got disconnected. Ava says there might be a problem in the connection between Singapore and UK. Then the phone from the room rang too, she spoke to somebody from UK as she said. She is answering questions from the person who called and she started stating the information from my Escrow letter, After few conversation, she handed me the phone over. I spoke to the man named as Tony Adams. He sounded like person who is having fake british accent so I had doubts on my head already. He asked me about my Uk letter like my reference number, also the companies I had been to and how much did I gave each. After which, Mr Tony asked me to submit all the documents so that I can proceed to get a cash back. After our conversation, Ava talked to me again and quoting my contract to them already. She have a scratch paper where in she is telling me that I need to pay $9,000 so I can get my claims. In my mind, I can easily pay that but because I have doubts already, I said I want to pay instalment. So she said that is ok. She took another paper to fill up which is called Letter of Intent. There was written my particulars, the membership I will terminate in able to get cash back, and the payment details. I agreed to deposit $2,000 cash that time. After paying, they did not fail to give me a receipt. I told Ava that I will sign the contract next week as I need to get funds also.

As I was about to go, I forgot to get one thing from them which is my Escrow letter. Ava was about to keep it when I said I need that because that will be my reference. She agreed to give it back to me though.

So I went back home, but I am not finish yet as I need to be sure, $9,000 is a large amount to pay. So I go to google to search for Goodwill Ettikan Pte Ltd, first thing came up to google was a Scam article which shocked me so much! I read the article asking people to somehow investigate in their own. I went back to the search results to find GE’s website but I did not find anything. Next thing I searched was the Legal Escrow Arbitration Services Ltd, there were many results, I clicked on the top website that directed me to LEAAS website. I checked the office address of my letter and the one I found on website but it’s very different. Also, in the UK letter I have, the e-mail address written was, in LEAAS website, it’s different again. Then I thought to myself, how could a big company in England would use yahoo as their e-mail? There’s something wrong here. I checked the phone numbers and again they’re different. That time, my doubts became stronger, but at the same time, I became afraid. To make sure of my gut feel, I sent e-mail to the e-mail address I found on website. I asked if they have partnership with Goodwill Ettikan Pte Ltd which is operating in Singapore and if my claims are valid. I even attached the Escrow letter I received for their reference.

The morning after, I opened my e-mail and was glad to see a response from LEAAS. My doubts were true, Legal Escrow and Arbitration Services did not send the letter I received, and they do not know Goodwill Ettikan at all. This was their reply to me:

[b]”Good afternoon

Our apologies but this is nothing to do with Legal Escrow & Arbitration Services Ltd.

A fraudster is using our company name and this has been reported to the relevant authorities in the UK.

You are not the only person to enquire and I would suggest you also report this to your relevant authority.”[/b]

Anger filled me in as I’ve been cheated. I feel so stupid also for putting my trust on them. First of all, I do not know Sasi and Ava’s real identity as I did not ask for their IC unlike the way they took all my particulars. Also, I did not consult the letter I received to an attorney or someone from UK as the words composed doesn’t looked like a British written letter in the first place. Lastly, I did not do my research on Goodwill Ettikan after our first meeting. Everything was a lie.

I thought of complaining Goodwill to the authority, but I remember the money in total of $3,200 won’t be given back to me right away if I go to police as for sure, it will take time. So I sent e-mail to Goodwill Ettikan’s office instead stating that I found out about their fraud and demanded them to give back the money I gave or else I will go to police. To my surprise, their admin called and told me that a cheque is waiting for me at their office. She just told me to bring the Escrow letter that I still have so that she can give me back the money I paid. I agreed. I bring my friend along with me that time so I have witness.

Luckily, I was able to get back the money I paid to that illegal company. Never in my life I believe to those kind of scams anymore as I learned my lesson.

Surprised again, there are other company that saying the same thing that Goodwill Ettikan told me. I always ask their company name but the caller wouldn’t give me the details, so I threaten him that I will report his phone number to the police. He never tried calling me back again.

Now, I wrote my experiences on almost losing a lot of money to Goodwill Ettikan so that people will be aware of this scam. Be wise to do a research, details are always available online. Be wise to ask for the IC of the person you are talking to and take note of their name and IC number. If they did not show it to you, you will know from there that they are hiding the truth. I also want to ask the parents of the elderly to check your parents meetings. I saw an old couple there before and I know for sure, they are victim too. Help me spread the news!

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  1. admin says:

    Pls beware. Once again Bric Solutions PL another scam company. Originally the “Directors” are from previous co called Landmark Portfolio Investments pte ltd that had been red flagged by Case n RDO. Same goes for Goodwill Ettikon pte ltd the company that does nothing but asking Timeshare victims to pour out more monies upfront. Pls do not deal with these 2 companies mentioned above. Do not throw good money to chase ur losses. No companies can help you get money back. Take it as lesson learnt. Enuf said. Check with CASE before parting our hard earned monies with these scam companies…

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