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ITRA Singapore news from 2015 we will push forward with more ITRA news from Singapore in 2016

There are no registration or legal fees because this action is being pursued by the group’s lawyers on a contingency agreement (No win-No fee). The case is listed for an imminent hearing, so if you want to get on board we recommend that you take urgent action by registering your interest at no cost.

Individual Mis-selling Claims – Consumer Credit Act

We are pleased to report that we are making good progress in this area through our internal legal department.

Where you have paid all or part of your timeshare purchase by credit card or through finance, subject to time limits, we are able to claim reimbursement of the full purchase price where mis-selling or breach of timeshare legislation has been proved.

Claims against timeshare resorts

We have instigated legal action against two of the leading timeshare operators, i.e., Club la Costa and Infiniti Club (Petchey Leisure).

These actions are on behalf of lead claimants whilst other potential claimants are being prepared to either individually piggy-back or commence a group action depending on lawyers’ advice.

We also soon hope to have some positive news for owners at Macdonald resorts with regards to a class action claim being brought against them. We will keep you updated as more information is available.

Most resorts flouted European Timeshare legislation at the point of selling and also grossly misled purchasers.

Mis-selling is sometimes difficult to prove as it is one person’s word against another.

However, when the court however is aware that there are many other clients with the same mis-selling story, the odds on success of mis-selling weigh in favour of the consumer. For this reason we ask you to be patient.

Legal wheels move slowly but what´s important is that action has commenced in relation to the above major resorts.

Spanish Timeshare Resorts

Most timeshare resorts are situated in mainland Spain, the Canaries and Balearics.

The law in Spain on mis-selling allows the contract to be deemed null and void provided the claim is within the necessary period for doing so.

Where Spanish or European timeshare legislation has been breached, there is no time limit to claim and on success, any contract would be deemed null and void.

Clients are entitled to a full refund of monies paid together with further compensation payment of 100% of the amount paid by way of a deposit regardless as to how much that deposit was.

Spanish Supreme Court Decision in Madrid

Earlier this month the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid issued a final verdict that the contracts issued by Anfi Beach Club in Gran Canaria did not comply with Spanish law.

The main reason was that contracts of ownership for a time period in excess of 50 years were against Spanish law.

It is our UK lawyer’s opinion that the ruling in Spain, although not automatically adopted in other EU countries would normally be sufficient to influence a European court in another jurisdiction to accept the ruling.

We are currently investigating how this ruling could be applied to those of you whose timeshare ownership fulfil these criteria.

Timeshare cancellation and deed disposal

As you are no doubt aware, the disposal of unwanted timeshare is very difficult and transfers are costly and complicated because of the various constitutions and management contracts. We are pleased to say that we have now disposed of thousands of our client’s weeks and cancelled their ongoing contractual annual management fees.

Most resorts drag their heels on cancellations and put barriers in our way. They are mostly uncommunicative and extremely difficult to deal with. Some resorts are so resistant to cancelling contracts to the extent that they ignore the notarised documentation we send to them which legally obligates them to action the cancelation. They do so in the hope that we will no longer press for cancelation so that they can continue to send our clients demands to pay their exorbitant annual fees.

Please be assured that we do continue to press for cancellations, and where necessary start legal proceedings against resorts and/or their management companies to do so. Unfortunately legal proceedings do take time and in certain circumstances this becomes the only option available. We therefore ask you to be patient because we are pursuing all cases and awaiting results.

Good News and more info

Whilst as would be expected, not many of the timeshare media and press recognise and appreciate the services we provide for timeshare owners. We are however pleased to report that the long standing Timeshare Consumers Association (TCA) are supportive of our actions. You can read more here


We hope that you have found this information of interest and will keep you updated on any new progress, which we believe will be of interest to you.

Whilst to us every client’s case is individual and important, many are interlinked by way of legal process. One judicial ruling, whether it is in relation to mis-selling, management fees, cancellation or indeed a Class Action for compensation, can have a bearing on many individual cases. If matters are taking a little longer than you expected, we ask you to bear with us and assure you that we will keep you posted on all developments as they happen.

We like to keep our database updated and therefore if your situation has changed and you do not wish to be troubled further by us at this e-mail address please send an email to and in accordance with the current data protection act your details will be removed from our files.



Yours sincerely,

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