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Timeshare Reseller Accused of Cheating Consumers Out of Thousands says ITRA Singapore

Anchorage, Alaska — September 17, 2015 – ITRA Singapore reviewed a complaint given to the Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington has recognized a pattern of complaints concerning sales practices and refund issues of Carriage House Travel Inc. which has a virtual office address in Kirkland, Washington, but now appears to be out of business.

Consumers allege the company offered to sell their timeshare properties, then requested consumers wire fees ranging from $3,000 to $40,000 to a Mexican bank. Consumers allege the company made false statements about their services and they subsequently requested refunds which were not received.

“This was nothing but a scam and we were dumb enough to fall for it,” one complainant reported to BBB. “The $20,000 we are out was a hard lesson to learn.”

Other complaints filed with BBB indicate the same pattern of repeated requests for fees to close the deal, while Carriage House Travel assured consumers there was a buyer for their timeshare property. After receiving the wired money, the company sent official-looking contracts, emails and documentation, but no sale ever occurred and no refunds were received.

BBB urges timeshare owners to be cautious when selling their property.

  • Research. Search online to read what others have written about the company. Investigate to see if the company has a physical office, not just a mail drop address. Check its BBB Business Review and verified Consumer Reviews at
  • Never wire money. Wiring money for a business transaction or upfront fees should raise a red flag. It is the same as sending cash – it is not traceable or refundable.
  • Legal advice. As selling a timeshare is a legal property transaction, it may pay to get legal advice. Make sure you have all documentation in writing from the company.

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