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Barclaycard is holding on to cash I was refunded over timeshare scam’
When Thomas Lynch and his wife bought into a bogus timeshare company they managed to get most of the money refunded. But Barclaycard kept hold of some of this cash without reason

PX10960804_Thomas-_3116561bUnder Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act the credit card company ordinarily shares liability with the merchant where there is breach of contract or misrepresentation for certain transactions worth between £100 and £30,000.
You duly paid by credit card.
When it turned out that the new timeshare deal was not as it had been presented to you, you approached Barclaycard, battling long and hard to get redress without success.
The claims management company you went to took a 20pc cut of the payment you received, which was only three quarters of the sum you had lost on the timeshare.
Normally such an arrangement would have been in full and final settlement, and a line would have been drawn under this.
So it was with a degree of pessimism that I approached Barclaycard.
It took a full two months to come back, despite my prompting. Such a delay always makes me see an amber light, particularly when the response is as bland as the one Barclaycard came up with.
It said: “We reached an agreement with Mr Lynch through his third-party claims management company in August last year and made a settlement that was accepted by both parties. On the basis that this was agreed and paid, we are unable to review the claim further.”
Sensing that something might not be quite right, I asked for evidence that this had been in full and final settlement.

I was briskly assured it had been but was also told that Barclaycard was constrained from showing the paperwork to me for data protection reasons.
Now, however, having established that this was not an issue, Barclaycard admits that the paperwork I was led to believe it had immediately to hand was in fact nowhere to be found.
Barclaycard has therefore now reimbursed the remaining £1,731 of the Section 75 claim and comes out of this episode discredited.
You have given a 10th of this sum to charity.



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