RCI AWI Group Action ITRA Singapore is on the winning side

Attn: Wine Investors.

While it is natural for victims to err on the side of caution. All of us at ITRA feel it important to clarify the unverified comments on this page for the benefit of all.
Mindshare: These are not facts. This misinformation run by Alberto Garcia (RCI pay-rol) is designed to reduce the entrants (ie victims such as yourselves) and their liability (such as refunds) of one particular company, which previously lost a large litigation battle in December 2008 in the New Jersey District Court (USA) in 2008. The same parent company is currently facing a 12,000 litigation strong ITRA case in the London High Courts (UK) for Skimming.
Mindshare is no more than a webpage backed by the very culprit organization in this case.
The Timeshare Consumer Association exposed this. Europe’s No. 1 free advise center on Timeshare.
The MINDSHARE SCAM webpage has also been exposed on:www.yourvoice.asia
You may independently verify this information by visiting Alexa.com. A professional webmasters investigation tool. Scroll down the page at find: “what sites link to mindshare”? One of the top sites is: www.rci.com

False Allegation against Victoria Marketing for offering, “Timeshare Release”:
This allegation, again falsely made in order to stop ITRA gaining cancellations on timeshare and preventing further loss was thrown put by the UK’s No.1 Verification Department. The Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom.

While we applaud the work on this page by Michael Chong and the Action Group on this page. After 14 years of successful work in the same field may we urge caution in unverified assumption? Please note that ITRA is happy to share information (ie the whereabouts, and current business locations of both parties, Mr Mata and Mr. Parker) with your group.

ITRA Singapore

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