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They are all coming out of the woodwork this week! Further to reporting on the resale company Pana Travel yesterday, we have also been notified of another scam that is being operated out of the UK. This company is playing off the back of the recent claims that have been awarded in Spanish Courts to ITRA in regard to contracts purchased in perpetuity and with floating weeks. We have reported on several consumer wins over the past few months in relation to these cases.

However, Asset Recovery Solutions is using these wins to gain the confidence of their clients, they are calling Timeshare owners, promising that they can claim back the original payment for their Timeshare, as their contract will be deemed null and void, promising sums in the tens of thousands. They, like most scam companies, are well trained in the art of lying, and sound extremely professional, knowing all the terminology, and making it sound rather believable that you will see this big pot of money.

So, where is the catch? You may ask. The agent will ask you to deposit a fee into a British bank account, this fee is to pay for administration and legal fees up until the case is heard, but you are promised that you will get this back, as your win will be much more substantial.

ARS are using an 020 number to call you, which you would presume would be a London based office, with the dialling code relating to a London area. However, this is incorrect, 0203 numbers are being used by many scam companies, which you can read more about here. The full number to watch out for is 0203 598 6976, although this is easily changed. They also use a free phone number 0800 2118 014.

Warning – If you get a call from Asset Recovery Solutions put the phone down and contact ITRA Singapore on 67367482 or e mail your enquiries to

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