This is a concerned memers letter. reguarding Concept

I have encountered with the people from these 2 companies. Almost get conned, but managed to get my deposit back. But before they hand me that refund cheque, they threatened to bill me the backlog of the CVC subscription fees “owed”. I ignored them on that. I am thinking of going to CASE and the CAD to lodge a formal complaint next week.

After my experience with these 2 companies – Concept Club Service; Connection Tours and Travel, I think they are obviously run by the same group of scumbags.

First Concept Club Services’ official address is at POMO, Selegie Road.
And just beside Connection Tours and Travels ?
My theory is they use that as a “phantom branch” for them to conduct illegal activities such as pretending to represent CVC to scam CVC members when in actual fact, CVC has NO relationship with Concept Club Services.

I suspect that they do it so that if and when the Orchard Tower “branch” get into trouble with the law, they will just shut down that Orchard Towers “branch”, so that their company, officially registered to be at POMO is not liable. They (the main company at POMO) can deny they ever have had any branch operating at Orchard Towers. They can claim that some other people is misusing their company brand without their knowledge. I may be wrong, but my guess is that they did not declare in the ROC that they have a branch at Orchard Towers.

On the activities they are conducting, promising returns to CVC members in “few months” time. Returns that sound too good to be true. They told me to put $10K with them for few months time (whatever is the purpose of this money is for), and get back as much as $40K in a few months time.

This is obviously a PYRAMID scam scheme that they are operating. Even if you are lucky enough to get paid by them, the money you are getting is just the money that they scammed from other CVC members. All the paper works on contract termination are probably just for show and fake. The so-called lawyer that they arranged you to meet is probably not a lisenced or still-practicing lawyer. Maybe he is not even a lawyer at all for all we know.

Its time for all CVC members and other timeshare members to make a stand and stop giving these scumbags any more of our hard earned money.
Its time to put them out of business.

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