Be carefull, does this make any sense. The Singapore Binary Option Scam

We are really curious how this guy by the name Jake Shen make million of dollars by his method. The method is clearly binary option trading. I will be taking up binary option trading course to understand more how it works. In the meantime, let find out together is The Singapore Method a Scam? As far as I concern I can smell lot fishy stuff and red flags all over. The sweetening bait of $10000 is offer by Jake Shen if you can’t make money by his method.
Do you believe someone would give away $10000 just like that. No I don’t and I’m not affiliate of his product or promoting it.

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What is it?

As I mention above it is binary option trading. Jake claims he will be giving his method out for free with absolutely at no cost.

All you need to do is to sign up an account with him. I follow the basic instruction and guess what? Immediately I ask to trade for a minimum of $300 and asking for credit card information.

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Is Jake Shen a scam?

Is The Singapore Method a Scam?

I done my research and found out that this guy could be fake. There are very little to no information about Jake Shen. Could it be someone use this guy’s photo as a model? Why I say so? There is another website looking exactly the same and is the same guy Jake Shen.

Is The Malay Method a Scam?

So is he represents Singapore or Malay Method? It is so clear that red flag have raised.

Can You Trust Binary Option?

As I know binary option trading is not a scam. You have to look for someone who really can guide you along and put in the time and effort to learn and understand how it work.

The Singapore Method

As for whatever method that this guy want to offer you is clearly danger zone ahead. So please find real ways to learn how to make money online.


Is The Singapore Method a scam? From my opinion, I feel it is clearly a scam and do not recommend anyone to give it a try. By saying that, I do not stop anyone to learn more about binary option trading. As for now, I personally avoid trying to put money on the risk. Because if don’t know how it work, it’s like gambling away the money by guessing the trading market.

The safest of all online business I would say is affiliate marketing. You can start learning the basic for free.

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