$1billion Law Suit against Diamond Resorts International!

Spain has been at the forefront of enforcing timeshare laws in Europe, so far the Supreme Court has made 42 judgements in favour of the consumer, these are now part of law and all courts must abide by them.

It has cost the industry millions of euros in payouts with many more in the pipeline. All this because for years they have ignored the laws put into place in 1999, which are there to protect the consumer.

But this now pales into insignificance with the latest lawsuit in America.

In a class action filed in Las Vegas, Diamond are being sued for $1billion. Yes, that is correct a whopping $1billion!

Irene Parker has sent in this report on what this lawsuit is all about.  According to this document a trial by jury has been demanded, along with the law firm leading the action who have a very good reputation, it has the hallmarks of a long and fierce battle.

According to our sources this lawsuit is not just for those in the US, but it could possibly be left open for Europeans who purchased in the US to join the action, especially any purchaser who was 60 years or over when signing. We are waiting confirmation of this as there may just be statute of limitations in place.

But this could be good news for many.

Billion Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Diamond Resorts International

Law Firm: Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright

Case No. 2:17-CV-00248

Filed in Las Vegas Federal District Court

By Irene Parker:  February 1, 2017


The law firm of Stoddard Warnick & Albright filed a billion dollar lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International January 29, 2017. The lawsuit alleges Diamond Resorts (DRI) ensnared thousands of elderly consumers in its deceptive and fraudulent scheme to sell points-based timeshare memberships.

According to the complaint, which was filed on behalf of lead plaintiffs Ilona and Lester Harding, along with thousands of other elderly consumers, buyers typically spent tens of thousands of dollars or more for upfront Membership fees and upsold Membership levels. Memberships were accompanied by hefty annual assessments that continue in perpetuity.

Several plaintiffs were named in the lawsuit. Among those named:

Of particular note to Diamond Resort Owners is the absence of any “collection” except the US collection. Other Diamond Resort collections not named in the lawsuit include Hawaii, Premier Vacation Club, California and Monarch Grand Vacations Collections.

Former CEO David Palmer served as President and/or Director (and sometimes as both) for at least six of the Defendant entities; Jared Finkelstein serves as Secretary and/or Director (and often both) for at least six of the Defendant entities; and Lilian Luu serves as Treasurer and/or Director (and sometimes both) for at least six of the Defendant entities.

The law firm Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright is one of the oldest law firms in Nevada, in existence for 40 years. According to the firm’s website, they have represented clients in many high profile and complex bench and jury trials in Southern Nevada, in both state and federal court, representing contractors, lenders, and owners on large commercial projects. The firm successfully defended a general contractor in a bench trial, which lasted intermittently for well over a year, arising out of the construction of a major Strip hotel. At the time, it was the longest bench trial in Clark County history. Included among the firm’s numerous institutional clients are American Express, Wells Fargo and Hard Rock Café International.

According to the complaint, the lawsuit alleges the elderly were targeted because of their vulnerability and time available to travel. Elderly is defined as anyone 60 years or older at the time of purchase. The elderly were induced to purchase vacation memberships in a same day sale without being advised as to the lack of a secondary market by intentional design. Memberships were accompanied by, at times, dramatically escalating maintenance fees.

20 Responses

  1. Solai Marie says:

    I worked for diamond resorts. I know first hand who is doing the criminal acts and what they tell these poor owners

  2. I too need help. I purchased in September from Diamond intl converting my resort”Riviera Beach Spa Resort “in Dana point Ca. to points, then they pushed up grades in points or you couldn’t use what you had. Now I’m getting hit hard with maintenance fees. That are way over the top. I want out of Diamond all together if possible, hopefully with the 14,000 I paid in fees for these points. Thank you.

  3. Jose f gonzalez says:

    Hi me and my wife got scammed by diamond resorts international at the pollo towers in Las Vegas on one of the highest pressure sales pitch that we ever experienced they promised that their time share was a real estate investment, that we could rent it out for profit, they said they will take it back if we were not satisfied no maintenance fees only end of year taxes that we could pay with the unused points, that we could make a reservation while on our way to Paris, Hawaii, or any place in the world that we decided to go that’s how much availability we have

  4. Jerry/ Janice Chaidez says:

    We we’re ensnared by diamond Resorts more than once. Thinking by upgrading we could pay our dues with points but they lied again. I have more to tell you. Please contact me.

  5. Victor Muniz says:

    We were trick with lies to give up our two vacation properties and to buy a new one. They falsified information.

  6. Joe Cummings says:

    I need help, we upgraded the timeshare and it increased my maintenance payments and I still can not use all the points for cruses or locations like San Francisco or New York. Why did my fees go up so much how can I get out of this timeshare? Someone let me know!

  7. admin says:

    please all be aware of scam compamy using this telephone prefix . we will contact you from offical email.

    this was sent to us.

    its a scam

    (949) 298-xxxx. My name is Daniela, and I work with a consumer advocate group to help consumers like you find an exit strategy to get out of this lifetime obligation.

  8. art says:

    We have been a victim of unscrupulous sales tactics by DRI. When we complained, they agreed that the sales force in Las Vegas had sent package that could never be realized. The only help was for us to upgrade our package or lose everything. Now we are in this scam vacation plan and losing big time. I want help to get out with as least loss as possible

  9. Debra says:

    We also were lied to as far as using our points for maintenance fees. Is there anything we can do? We grew up in an era where a man’s word was truth and a handshake sealed the deal. So, disheartening.

  10. Jeff says:

    We feel scammed by our purchase this December

  11. Robin Koontz says:

    I want out of my Monarch points.

  12. Shirley says:

    This Diamond Resor also charges an unauthorized fee in addition to the maintenance fee and I just saw all the charges from many past years. Please help.
    Please contact me ASAP. I need help!
    We have been a member of this timeshare for the past 18 years and can’t get out of payments even the share has long been paid.
    Thank you.

  13. Toni Turner says:

    Seeking help against Diamond Resorts. Promised the moon and can never book anything. What a scam and what pushy sales people that are taught to lie. Anytime you do get use it they demand meeting to push more to upgrade.

  14. Doris Williams says:

    I attended a timeshare presentation April 2017 in Virginia Beach Va. I kept telling them I did not want to purchase a timeshare. I was there for over 3 hours. Then they talked not buying timeshare but trying it put to see how it works with point at $30/month. A month later I received a credit card in the mail. I contacted them and them I did not authorize a credit card or make a purchase on it. They claimed it was noted. Then I started receiving billing statements. Now they are threatening me with a judgement. I am 73yrs old. I will not pay for something I don’t want. How can they open a credit card in my name and Bill me for it. I have paid on this card or used any points for this timeshare that I don’t want not do I intend to.

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