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lHi all,

I hope this is the right place to post this.

My parents are in quite an annoying situation. I believe it was about 10 years ago where my family and I went on vacation to Florida.
For some reason we were invited on this big demonstration where this group called Calypso Cay and Interval International timeshares gave lectures and tours of the timeshare facilities. At the end of it, my parents signed some papers and we became owners of a timeshare. I was still young at the time so I had no idea what was happening.

Fast forward to 2017, I find out that we have been paying annual maintenance fees for this timeshare that we own. We haven’t gone back to Florida since, and we might have used the timeshare once or twice. We definitely have not been using it in the past several years.
As my parents have told me, we are stuck paying $300+ annually and there is no way of quitting. Apparently we have to sell our timeshare to someone in order to quit.

Just recently, I believe there was some changeover in management. Further details can be seen here:

They sent this last year’s annual bill in the mail, but to our old house that we moved out of several years ago. Until this year, we’ve always had our bill mailed to our current house, so there was a mix up with our old address. No idea how that happened. They then sent our bill to a collections agency that is charging us extra until we pay up.

We have lost thousands of dollars to this scam. I am hoping that we can get out of this asap. I would not mind spending some money on a lawyer, if that is what it takes to get away from this.

My questions:
1. is there any way to get out of this timeshare?
2. How do we stop this collections agency and company from coming after us?
3. They are based out of Florida, do they have any grounds to do anything to us here in Canada? (i.e. damage our credit rating)

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