The Refund Association serves litigation success in Indonesia through Asia Claim and its partner Asia Global Limited. Justice arrives in Indonesia! Asia Claim, the renowned litigation agency responsible for making the direct sales industry safer for consumers in Singapore and Malaysia since 2010 has signed an agreement to assist timeshare victims in Indonesia with its network of highly qualified Indonesian agents already securing the Indonesian
consumer with legal and litigation advice.

The latest agent in Indonesia is Asia Global Limited. Usually highly respected Property Agents with copious amounts of experience in the vacation let property sector and Indonesian consumer and contract law, Indonesian timeshare victims are in a fortunate position to receive free litigation advice from what is otherwise a high end industry leader.

While Singapore and Malaysia introduced legislation to protect consumers buying timeshare in 2009 with the revised Consumer Protection Fair Trading Act. Indonesians are as exposed as ever. The timeshare industry has experienced a serious decline as Indonesian timeshare owners realize their purchase did not offer the luxury vacations promised as well as legally binding contracts that extort ever growing yearly maintenance fee’s that cripple holiday budgets up and down the country.

If you would like a refund of your timeshare agreement please contact Asia Claim.

Asia Claim have been awarded, ‘Asian Community Service Award’ by Your Voice Asia two years running (2016 & 2017) for their dedication to serving and advising timeshare and direct sales victims on successful restitution. They may be contacted in the following way: or emailed at:
If you have resident status or are a citizen of Indonesia you can book your fee
consultation today with Asia Claim through Asia Global Limited.

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