[BEWARE:PATONG HUSTLERS] Absolute Hotel Scam @ Phuket,Thailand

700Avoid Club Absolute in Phuket, Thailand! They run a scam where they have people on the street with a fake competition where you scratch a card and win a great prize, which is always a week’s holiday with their company (no flights or anything, just a week’s accommodation in a low quality hotel which you will struggle to book in popular times).

They promise that all you have to do to get your prize is to have a tour of their new hotel, but they actually put you through hours of sales presentation (after promising that this is not a sales presentation). They offer cheap flights and great quality accommodation and great places all around the world, but it is a lie. They make the deal sound great and tell you that due to Thai law you must sign on the day which is another lie. All these people do is lie and after they have your money they no longer have all the things that were promised. Their contract itself does not even guarantee that you will get a single thing! This is timeshare scam the whole way through. So if you go to Thailand, just walk on past the Club Absolute Scam people.

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