Complaint Review: Magnum Realty Group

  • Magnum Realty Group
    630 J St, Suite 220
    Sacramento, CA
    United States

Magnum Realty Group Capital Transfer Associated Lawrence Orlando ,Magnum Realty Group, Edward S Frost Senior Broker ,Magnum Realty Group, Samantha phone # 916 758 4360 Capital Transfer Associates. Lawrence Orlando,Edward S Frost, Senior Broker I received a call to sell my vacation club. Sacramento CA California

I received a call from Lawrence Orlando to sell my Unlimited Vacation Club. I filled out the paper work and faxed it to him. Multiple faxes and applications. The last group of the contract I had to speak to Edward Frost the Sr. Broker from Magnum Realty Group, to go over the revised paper work. He told me that since the resort I purchased the club was in Mexico,I had to have an attorney to take care of applying for a temporary Mexican Naturalization granted by the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs. The Attorney would act like our power of attorney. He proceeded to tell me that there would be accost of $3,736.00 USD. I asked him if we had to put this money up front and he said that the buyer would deposit it into our escrow account and at settlement that would be given back to the buyer.

I received the final paper work with International Wire Transfer Instructions. I called Lawrence t ask hIm what that was for and he said this was his first sale in International. He told me he would call Samantha (916-758-4360) and have her call me. She called and said that we had to pay this upfront and would have Edward Frost call me. Edward called very indignet and said he had recorded our conversation. I told him I knew he did he had disclosed that in the begining of our conversation. I told him to listen to the conversation because I knew I specificaly asked him if we had to put money up front and he said no. He started yelling at me and said the reason for the call was to confirm the deal. I told him I wasn’t sure if this was scam and I would call my vacation club in the morning and get back to him. He then hung up on me. Then I went on to the internet and researched Magnum Realty Group.

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