BEWARE of actively cold calling FAKE lawyers C&D Solicitors!

A company by the name of C&D Solicitors or C&D Abogados has started very strong with their cold calls and we are inundated with inquiries from concerned consumers.

And they have reason to be concerned, because this dubious cold caller does not look very trustworthy at all!

C&D Solicitors seems to have a “large team of employees”, or at least they are using many names…

The initial cold call comes from a supposed Junior Lawyer by the name of Karl Edwards.

Karl Edwards explains to the consumer that they have been appointed by the courts to approach all consumers who have been dealing with ISS / Intelligent Software Solutions or Realistix.

The Spanish courts have set aside money for all victims of ISS / Realistix and C&D Abogados are now contacting them in order to pay them their awarded money.

Soon in the conversation it becomes clear that the consumer will need an NIE number to be able to receive the bank transfer.

The consumer has 3 options:

1, Go to Spain and arrange this directly in person, paperwork, time, burocracy…just not recommendable.

2, Have C&D Solicitors to arrange this for you at a modest fee of 1495 Pounds

3, Forget about the thousands of pounds that have been awarded to you and close your file

Obviously most of the consumer won’t have an NIE and most of them will go for option 2.

C&D Abogados will be pleased to arrange all for you.

Soon after this first call the consumer receives a follow up email with confirmation of everything that has been discussed and signed by Jess Andrews from the Administration department.

As C&D Solicitors seem to be in a hurry to get it all sorted, soon after you receive the mail another “solicitor” get’s on the phone by the name of David Silverstein who kindly gives the bank account for payment.

This bank account is in the name of Georgian Tetris


Please do not fall for this.

Many of the consumers who are approached already lost thousands of pounds to Realistix and were not able to recover this through a refund claim.

This is a so-called “Recovery Scam” for which Action Fraud and trading standards warns all consumers!

C&D Solicitors claim to be based on the following address: Calle La Noria, oo Edificio Recreo II 1-15, 29793 Torrox-Costa (Malaga) Spain

The mobile phones used so far are:

  • +34 603141974
  • +34 631815310

The email address used is

There is NO website, they don’t even have a domain for their email, and the company has not been found on the Spanish companies house.

If you have been approached by them, DO NOT PAY THEM!

If you are a victim of ISS or Realistix, be aware you might be on their caller list in the next couple of days, don’t let them catch you by surprise!

If you have been speaking to C&D Solicitors S.L.P or C&D Abogados already, let us know.

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