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Australian Wine Index Scam 0

Australian Wine Index Scam

Itra Singapore Timeshare ScamWe collect information on the Australian Wine Index and its associated companies. The Monetary Authority of Singapore. MAS provide a public alert regarding the Australian Wine Index and its associate company XBI. read more

The Story So Far 6

The Story So Far

story-so-far-itra-singaporeOur action group was incorporated in 2002 BY DIRECT SALES VICTIMS THEMSELVES to gain evidence that a lack of regulation in the direct sales industry has lead to the public being targeted for systematic and intentional fraud. By 2008, six years later enough evidence had been collected to interest two top law firms, Edwin Coe LLC and Stone Buildings LLC. The idea was simple… To set up a where victims can register for refund sign with complete confidence due to both anonymity and the freedom of upfront cost. The result being that claim volume has been high enough to attract notable law firms to take on contingency work. Should legal action fail in court, no charge be enforced against claimants. However, to motivate the most prestigious law firm’s claimants will agree to award 40% of their claim. This percentage would equate to five times the legal fee usually charged. Currently some of the most influential law firms on the planet are registered. read more

Eco House Scams Singapore out of Millions 0

Eco House Scams Singapore out of Millions

Press release (Straits Times) to create awareness that Eco House (our clients) have lost 180 million dollars in Brazilian Housing fraud.

ECO-House-ITRA-Singapore-scamFollowing the previous post Property Investment Schemes Gone Wrong, where we talked about the Ecohouse Property Investment Scheme which is potentially in trouble, there are new alarming developments. read more

1975 Consumer credit Act 0

1975 Consumer credit Act

The refund group start to attack credit card companies and bank under the 1975 Consumer credit Act (UK) to assist victims to regain monies from credit card or bank loan purchases. This is currently being explored in Asia also. read more


Profitable Plots

Profitable Plots’ directors, one such company we collected information on are convicted to 12 years in jail and 20 lashes. for a C.B.T. Asian justice.

Two British businessmen were sent to jail yesterday for a bonds scam in which investors lost more than $3 million.Timothy Nicholas Goldring, 60, was sentenced to seven years and John Andrew Nordmann, 55, to eight years. They were convicted on 18 charges of cheating involving more than $900,000 worth of investments after a joint trial. They faced a total of 86 charges. read more