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Be carefull, does this make any sense. The Singapore Binary Option Scam

We are really curious how this guy by the name Jake Shen make million of dollars by his method. The method is clearly binary option trading. I will be taking up binary option trading course to understand more how it works. In the meantime, let find out together is The Singapore Method a Scam? As far as I concern I can smell lot fishy stuff and red flags all over. The sweetening bait of $10000 is offer by Jake Shen if you can’t make money by his method.
Do you believe someone would give away $10000 just like that. No I don’t and I’m not affiliate of his product or promoting it. read more



This is a concerned memers letter. reguarding Concept

I have encountered with the people from these 2 companies. Almost get conned, but managed to get my deposit back. But before they hand me that refund cheque, they threatened to bill me the backlog of the CVC subscription fees “owed”. I ignored them on that. I am thinking of going to CASE and the CAD to lodge a formal complaint next week. read more


More Singapore businesses fall prey to e-mail impersonation scams

Businesses in Singapore have lost around $19 million so far this year, after falling prey to a fast-growing scam where hackers impersonate company executives or business partners in e-mails.

The culprits use spoofed e-mail accounts that closely resemble genuine e-mail addresses to communicate with victims and ask for money. read more


Don’t sign or commit to any other contract & Don’t risk further money.

Have Bad Investment Decisions Eroded Your Savings? You are not alone? Doing nothing about it may not be the best option. 80% of financially injured victims suffer in silence. The rest 20% act to seek legal restitution.
Create A Crowd & Learn About Your Rights For A Refund At Our Cost – If you belong to the 20% – We Would Like To Hear From You!
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No Luck for mother who bought RCI Pts.

A Client had a timeshare with RCI for years with a fixed week in the Poconos in PA. When she passed away a couple of years ago we found the paperwork. My mom had no interest and was going to call them and tell them they could have it. She mentioned it to me and eventually I was able to get ahold of a local rep who totally schmoozed me into believing this is fantastic. Long and the short of it… I transferred the account to a points account ($2000.00) and was told I could use it at any Wyndham hotels and all of the places listed on the website. Turns out there is a lot you can do on the RCI website but very little of it allows you to use points. So here I am paying two timeshares (oh yea icing on the cake the sales rep “gave me… for free” a 2nd timeshare that had just been foreclosed on so now I have to pay two annual fees and get twice the points that I can’t use.) read more