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Profitable Plots

Profitable Plots’ directors, one such company we collected information on are convicted to 12 years in jail and 20 lashes. for a C.B.T. Asian justice.

Two British businessmen were sent to jail yesterday for a bonds scam in which investors lost more than $3 million.Timothy Nicholas Goldring, 60, was sentenced to seven years and John Andrew Nordmann, 55, to eight years. They were convicted on 18 charges of cheating involving more than $900,000 worth of investments after a joint trial. They faced a total of 86 charges. read more

Scams 0


We broaden our in field of investigation and make an official press release for Asia in particular, we are now authorized to collect information on Land banking and Wine/Rum & Diamond Investment Schemes. read more

Royal Bali and Royal Goan Beach 0

Royal Bali and Royal Goan Beach

The International Trust Law Office serve a writ of summons of the directors of Royal Bali and Royal Goan Beach Properties. Registered in the District Court of Denpasar in Bali on behalf of sales victims both in Europe and Singapore. This now officially recorded and is public knowledge. Case number: 696/PDT/6/2011/PND. This is the first time in legal history that Singaporean owners have been included in a class action law suit against the timeshare sales industry in Asia.  read more

4.6 million dollars 1

4.6 million dollars

We release an updated advert in the Straits Times informing the public that 4.6 million dollars of refunds has been lodged at the Singaporean free sign up center.