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We open the first free sign up center for Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian victims to apply for refund, on a no win no fee basis. After passing the due diligence of the Singaporean Advertising Standards Authority and SPH legal team, we Nationally Advertise (see Straits Times Archives). Local center advertises in the Straits Times, New Paper and the Lianhe Zaobao. The only service to timeshare owners passing ASA approval in 20 years. read more

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Direct Sales Victims

Singaporean direct sales victims are surveyed, via telephone from the UK. An overwhelming demand that refund action is called for. The information gained from victims left us to calculate that at least $250,000,000 possibly as much as $500,000,000 has been fraudulently lost by the direct sales industry in Singapore in recent years. read more

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Murillo vs. R.C.I

RCI-LogoRCI weeks members should be aware of developments regarding a possible class action lawsuit that is currently undergoing the class certification discovery process. The lawsuit is related to an alleged practice through which RCI takes out a lot of the gold crown, and highly sought after properties to rent out to the general public for profit, or for use as a fringe benefit for RCI employees and special guests. This skimming of available weeks makes it difficult for RCI timeshare resort weeks members to bank weeks for exchange at other resorts, since the availability pool is severely limited by this activity. read more

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) verifies the facts. National newspapers in both America and the United Kingdom allow ads to be placed to inform victims from one particular direct sales industry first, the timeshare industry that legal representation can defend them on a no win no fee basis read more

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=&0=& The British LEGAL 500 law firm, 11 Stone Buildings ( ), had formed a legal opinion in February of 2008 that practices within the direct sales industry were targets for litigation. A legal opinion by Chief Litigator QC Barrister Robert Deacon of Stone Buildings Law fueled global litigators interest.
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Important Information

=&0=& Just under 88% of you Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian sales victims believe you deserve a refund and we agree with you. Should you wish to make application for refund, please feel free to chat to your counselor in the strictest of confidence. Legal Counsel for the refund action group has dedicated many hours to training advisors to assist you. You will not be required to sign any service agreement or make any commitment for a simple free assessment.  =&2=&
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Legal Claims


ITRA has been pursuing the instigation of claims against various players in the timeshare industry.

Most claims are being pursued against resorts, management companies and marketing companies on a 1 to 1 case basis. read more

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About ITRA Singapore


In the beginning ITRA was formed as the International Timeshare Resale Association Limited to head a self-regulatory body for the timeshare resale industry.

With the demise of the property market, the timeshare resale market also suffered to an even greater degree. read more

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