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Another agarwood investment scheme under scrutiny

Over 400 people have invested $9.5m with OPC, even as clients of TFV file police reports

Lorna Tan Invest Editor/Senior Correspondent

Another firm offering Agarwood Anvestment schemes with lucrative returns has come under scrutiny.

Over the past two years, home-grown firm One Plantation Capital (OPC) has attracted $9.5 million of investments from some 425 customers in a scheme to grow aquilaria trees – prized for the valuable agarwood or oud oil that is harvested from them and then used in perfumes and by spas. read more


Tropical Forestry Venture Investment Scam

My heart goes out to the many investors who put in their savings and hard earned money into the scam. In short, investors put in money into a Tropical Forestry Venture(S) Pte Ltd to invest in valuable tree saplings. Turns out to be a scam. The people behind the company disappeared with the cash. But what can be done for these investors to seek justice? read more


Investors cry foul over tree investments gone wrong

Firm that sold them aquilaria tree scheme has folded

Lorna Tan Invest Editor/Senior Correspondent  About 70 investors, including Singaporeans and foreigners working here, are crying foul over a scheme that effectively promised that their money could grow on trees.

In 2013, the investors poured sums ranging from $5,000 to $60,000 into a scheme to grow aquilaria trees – a prized tree that is harvested for valuable agarwood or oud oil, used in perfumes and spas. read more