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Spotting a Scam: Caveat Emptor!

Just in the United States alone State Attorney General offices and other enforcement agencies across the nation have been inundated with timeshare resale and rental complaints, so much so that some State Attorneys General have moved many of these timeshare resale scammers to the top of their investigative plates. read more


Man charged with cheating timeshare buyers is now FREE

Zamri Zainal…..The mastermind of a million dollar timeshare scam is out after serving his sentence…..The time to strike is NOW!

Mr. Zamry was released from Police Custody on the 2nd of February 2017.
Zeal Corporation, Double Z, Axial Management, Max Mega, United Wealth Management, Aztex International, ProBiz & ENC are the companies for which Zamri de facto directed. Under the pretence of providing a solution to disgruntled timeshare owners who were looking to sell or terminate their ownership to cut losses, he dragged them into greater financial loss by making false promise of returns and charging further hefty amounts to those who fell for their trap. read more


Calypso Cay and Interval International

lHi all,

I hope this is the right place to post this.

My parents are in quite an annoying situation. I believe it was about 10 years ago where my family and I went on vacation to Florida.
For some reason we were invited on this big demonstration where this group called Calypso Cay and Interval International timeshares gave lectures and tours of the timeshare facilities. At the end of it, my parents signed some papers and we became owners of a timeshare. I was still young at the time so I had no idea what was happening. read more