US Timeshare owners lose million`s

SILVER SPRING, MD  – “I won a trip, so I asked a girlfriend to go with me,” Sheridan Hill said.

Hill has a passion for travel. In December 2014, she even flew to Florida to sit through a timeshare pitch just to get a free trip. “I kept telling myself you’re not going to buy anything, don’t buy anything, don’t buy anything!  But, you kinda get sucked in,” she said. Sheridan thought she’d have a place to getaway and make a little money, too. One year later, she was thrilled when the Resort Property Management company or RPM, called to assure her they had clients to rent her timeshare. “And, they said that they would rent it out at $2100 a week,” she said. Anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster said, “The thing that roped you in was the promise of money.” read more