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Evil fraudsters stole £875k from the sick and elderly in Spain timeshare scam 0

Evil fraudsters stole £875k from the sick and elderly in Spain timeshare scam

A group of evil fraudsters conned hundreds of sick and elderly victims out of £875k in a ‘cynical’ timeshare scam.

Run by nine Worcestershire scammers, the operation saw around 470 vulnerable people – often elderly and those in poor health – targeted in a three-part scam. read more


The Tragic Irony of Anfi Del Mar’s Decade Of Madness

Anfi Resort remains one of Europe’s top timeshare complexes, but a 10-year spree of getting holidaymakers to sign illegal timeshare contracts is costing it dear.

When the Anfi Resort Complex opened for business in 1992 it was one of the world’s most luxurious timeshare resorts. Its focus on quality and service made it a cut above most of Gran Canaria’s hotels and accommodation. Years later, it’s still one of Europe’s leading timeshare resorts and remains unmatched in Gran Canaria. read more


COSTA DEL CRIME Dozens arrested over ‘timeshare scam that saw 500 Brits conned out of life savings in multi-million pound Costa del Sol racket’

Police say they believe those affected were defrauded out of nearly £15 million


NEARLY 40 people have been arrested over a multi-million pound Costa del Sol timeshare scam which targeted hundreds.

An estimated 500 people – all Brits – have fallen victim to the scam which operated in and around the Spanish resort of Malaga. read more


Spains Timeshare Law

Timeshare owners in Spain with illegal contracts can finally get them annulled and their money returned. Here’s the story and why this time, it’s the real deal.

Is Spanish timeshare law as confusing as it seems?

Yes, it is!

There wasn’t one until 1998 and it only came into effect on January 4, 1999. Then the law changed again in 2012 to bring it into line with European law. read more


New Court Judgements Against Anfi Del Mar

Two new court judgements against Anfi del Mar timeshare resort reinforce the ban on taking deposits within the cooling-off period.

Recent court judgements by both the Spanish Supreme Court and the Las Palmas court have made it clear that it is illegal under Spanish law for a timeshare company to accept payment during the three month period after a contract has been signed. read more