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Another outstanding performance from our CLA legal team who achieved  a mind-blowing  result for our Norwegian client.


  • The purchase price for the Anfi timeshare was 30.000€
  • First Instance we lost
  • High Court appeal was successful
  • High Court ruled that Anfi has to refund double of the original timeshare deposit
  • Supreme Court rejected hearing of the case
  • Voluntary payout from Anfi
  • 136.000,00 EUROS

We have a very very happy Norwegian family today which in fact have been awarded 106.000,00 EUROS more than their original purchase price for the timeshare thanks to an outstanding achievement from our legal team. read more



The Refund Association serves litigation success in Indonesia through Asia Claim and its partner Asia Global Limited. Justice arrives in Indonesia! Asia Claim, the renowned litigation agency responsible for making the direct sales industry safer for consumers in Singapore and Malaysia since 2010 has signed an agreement to assist timeshare victims in Indonesia with its network of highly qualified Indonesian agents already securing the Indonesian
consumer with legal and litigation advice.

The latest agent in Indonesia is Asia Global Limited. Usually highly respected Property Agents with copious amounts of experience in the vacation let property sector and Indonesian consumer and contract law, Indonesian timeshare victims are in a fortunate position to receive free litigation advice from what is otherwise a high end industry leader. read more


My timeshare resort is shutting down – what are my options?

We just got a notice that my timeshare resort in Reno, Nevada, is going out of business at the end of the year, too broke to continue. They want me to sign a deed-back where I just give up my timeshare, for no money. I have enjoyed vacationing at the Plaza Resort Club for a long time. Should I just sign over the deed or get a lawyer? read more


New Court Judgements Against Anfi Del Mar

Two new court judgements against Anfi del Mar timeshare resort reinforce the ban on taking deposits within the cooling-off period.

Recent court judgements by both the Spanish Supreme Court and the Las Palmas court have made it clear that it is illegal under Spanish law for a timeshare company to accept payment during the three month period after a contract has been signed. read more